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  • Change Step Volunteers
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Drug and Alcohol Charities Wales (DACW) is a  Welsh Consortium providing a complete range of services in Wales for people affected by Alcohol and Drug Misuse.

DACW consists of a number of voluntary sector substance misuse agencies from across Wales.  The consortium has been established to:

  • Encourage and assist the facilitation of  more partnership ventures.
  • Fund raising.
  • Research and development.
  • Streamlining of core services and economies of scale.
  • Training and accreditation.

The advantages of having this consortium in Wales are:

  • Commitment to services within Wales.
  • Diversity of philosophies with a range of different approaches, for example: research, sharing good practice, evidence base.
  • Strength in numbers for cost effective delivery of services across Wales.
  • Strength in speaking as one voice.
  • Information sharing, sharing good practice.
  • Workforce development.

 Objectives and Activities

  • To develop and deliver good practice amongst members with regard to treatment provision for those with substance misuse issues, in performance management and in workforce development & training;
  • To procure, tender and contract manage pan-Wales services on behalf of its members;
  • To work with and promote the rights of individuals with substance misuse issues and to ensure an active and effective service user involvement in planning and in delivering services;
  • To undertake and promote research and publish the useful results of such research; and
  • To promote innovation for the benefit of those with substance misuse issues.